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Skylight Installation: The Best Way To Invest In Your Retail Store

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Do you own a retail store? Do you have a little extra money to spend, and want to invest it back into your business? If so, it's time to consider installing a skylight. Read on to find out why.

Energy Savings

Commercial skylights can be fitted with handy little components called photosensors. These energy-saving devices are linked to store lighting fixtures, and constantly monitor the amount of light and ultraviolet energy that passes through the skylight. 

When the sun is shining and your store is well-lit, the photosensors will transmit the information to your lighting system, and the lights will automatically be dulled or turned off. When not much sunlight is present, however, your lighting will automatically be turned on or brightened.

If you prefer your store to maintain a level of low-lighting or to stay exceptionally bright, just let your roofing contractor know prior to installation; the photosensors can be completely tailored to your preferences.

How much energy can a skylight with photosensors save your store? When one big retail store chain implemented the systems into 600 of their facilities, they reported a 25 - 35 percent energy savings. Combined, the stores preserve enough energy to power 23,000 homes a year!

Employee Satisfaction

According to researchers from the neuroscience program at Chicago's Northwestern University, boosting the amount of natural light that enters your store could have a huge impact on your employees' quality of life.

Every human being has a built-in clock in their body. These clocks, known in the science world as circadian rhythm cycles, dictate when you should feel awake and alert, and when you should feel groggy and ready for sleep. What do you suppose signals your circadian rhythm cycle to wake you up or wear you down? You guessed it -- natural light.

If your employees don't get enough natural light, their bodies simply won't sound the alarm that it's time to wake up and greet the day with enthusiasm. They'll feel tired all day, and won't get enough sleep at night. 

Increase the natural lighting in your store, however, and you'll have happier, more productive employees. 

As a bonus, you can expect your employees to request fewer sick days following your store's sunlight installation. Why? Because they'll get more vitamin D, which decreases the risk of all sorts of illnesses including diabetes, seasonal affective disorder, several types of cancers, and even tooth decay.

Higher Sales

When the California Board for Energy Efficiency conducted a study on how skylights affect consumer purchasing, the results were profound. The team of researchers spent 18 months monitoring the sales of 108 stores that were nearly identical in nature except for one key component -- some of them had skylights, and some didn't. 

At the end of the study, they concluded that, besides the number of hours the stores were open for business, the presence of a skylight was the number one determining factor in which stores produced higher sales.

The research team concluded that any store that relies solely on artificial lighting can expect a 40% sales increase with the installation of a skylight. Why? While most shoppers questioned seemed to be unaware of the presence of skylights in their shopping facilities, they consistently reported that the stores with increased natural lighting simply felt cleaner, brighter, more spacious, and more inviting.

If you've got some extra money and you're wondering where in your store you should invest it, the answer is in the roof. Save energy costs, get happier, healthier employees, and boost sales by contacting a reputable commercial roofing company to discuss skylight options for your retail store.