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Is It Possible To Have A Maintenance-Free Deck?

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When you are outside on your composite wood deck, the last thing that you want to do is focus on maintaining it. You would rather spend the time outdoors enjoying  your deck as much as possible. Many homeowners have therefore come under the impression that synthetic composite decking will be absolutely maintenance free. While it is true that it will not require the sealing that is necessary for traditional woods, it will still be necessary to maintain a composite deck both to make it look its absolute best and to make sure that the deck lasts as long as possible.

Minimum Maintenance Requirements For Synthetic Decks

A synthetic composite deck will need to be cleaned yearly with special cleaning agents to stop the growth of mold or anything else detrimental to the deck. Any signs of wear must be solved as early as possible because it is not possible to recover the original color, unlike with wood.

Wooden Composite Decks Are Durable But Require More Maintenance

While some maintenance is necessary, composite wooden decking is just as durable as synthetic options. The decking maintains its structural integrity without cracking or splitting. The decking can weather and change color, but will usually weather to gray and will continue to look beautiful. Staining the deck can change the hue to one that is more desirable. 

Even The Most Durable Woods Require Some Maintenance

If you do not want to use a synthetic material, there are Brazilian woods that can provide your deck with the lowest maintenance requirements. While it is impossible to completely avoid maintenance without ruining your deck, the most durable woods will only require an occasional wash with soap and water. Even if  you fail to clean your deck for several months, you may be able to restore it with a special cleaner and brightener that is applied to the floor in a manner that is similar to that of a mop.

Ipe Oil Can Protect Color

Wooden composite decks may lose their color over time, but this problem can be corrected by applying Ipe oil once a year. The oil protects the composite deck from the sun and also brings the rich tones out of the grain. 

It's Easy To Remove Snow From Composite Decks

In the winter, when the decks are covered with snow, calcium chloride can often be applied to the decks without causing any damage. A white residue is sometimes left behind, but this can be easily cleaned off. When removing the snow, though, make sure to use plastic shovels and do not allow metal to scrape the deck. 

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