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5 Things You Should Look for When Hiring a Garage-Door Service

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When you are looking to hire a garage-door technician, you may not have time to waste trying out several different services. But finding a service that is close to your home, that offers the service you need, and that you trust can be difficult. Below are a few features in a garage-door service company that you can look for that will help ensure a pleasant, efficient experience with your door. 

Has Experience with Your Type of Door 

Most garage-door service companies will offer to service every type of garage door, and since most garage doors follow the same basic principles of operation, it is likely that they will be able to diagnose problems you have and sufficiently service your door. However, if a repair person has experience with your specific brand of door, they are more likely to know which potential problems to look for that tend to happen with your brand. This can lead to better preventative care and fewer expensive repairs.

Your service company should have a list of brands they work with on their website, or you can call and ask about the depth of their experience with your particular brand. 

Hires Employees, Not Subcontractors 

A company that hires employees makes certain that each of their employees is properly trained. With subcontractors, you may get an excellent service call, but since the company has less control over their training, it can be difficult to know how the standards of service calls will vary each time you have a problem. 

Offers 24-Hour Emergency Services 

When you have a problem with your garage door, you may need immediate assistance to get your vehicle out of the garage. Many service companies offer emergency services overnight and during the weekend. However, service calls at these times will often cost more than a standard service call. It is important to ask whether a company makes emergency calls, how long the wait is if you have an emergency, and what the additional cost is for a call made during non-business hours before you decide on a garage-door service company. 

Offers One-Visit Services 

Most garage-door problems can be fixed during a single visit to your home as long as the service company is prepared with the appropriate spare parts and tools to fix your problem. You should make sure that the company you are hiring offers one-visit services so you can get any issues you have fixed and get on with your life. However, it is important to remember that even if a company offers most services in a single visit, there may be more complex repairs that require the company to order special parts or complete an in-depth repair, and that may take more time over multiple visits. For example, if your door is involved in an accident, your company of choice may need one visit to assess the damage and order repair parts and a second visit to actually fix the door. One-visit services are a convenience that you should look for, but you should not expect them to be applicable to every situation. 

Has a Nearby Location

Not all garage service companies list their location, often because they are a mobile service and operate out of a home office. However, knowing where the company is located can help you determine how long it might take to get a service technician to you and will also give you a physical address to check when completing assessments of potential companies you want to hire. 

When looking for a garage-door repair service, you should look for the above features. This will help ensure that you find a service that you can use for years to come. 

You can check here and search online for companies in your area.