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Fiberglass Doors Vs. Wood Doors: What You Can Expect

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Wood doors are ideal on old homes where you want to maintain the vintage look of the home. However, they are an absolute nightmare to maintain. You could try fiberglass doors. They are a low maintenance alternative to wood. If you still cannot decide between these two types of materials for your front door, here is a little more information.

Wood Doors Have to Be Painted Almost Annually

It is like the old white picket fence in Tom Sawyer; you have to repaint it almost annually to keep it looking fresh and nice. The same holds true for your wooden front door. The wind, rain, freezing temperatures, bleaching sun, and snow all wreak havoc on a wooden door. You may have noticed how the door expands and sticks in winter and gets warped and weird in summer. Then there is the peeling paint and the streaked, weather-beaten look you get from months of heavy rain and hot sun. It means several hours of stripping and scraping the door before repainting it, and even if you seal the paint with clear varnish, you will repeat this cycle in a year or two, three at the most.

Fiberglass Doors Are Virtually Maintenance-Free

Fiberglass doors are now sold in at least four different wood grains so you can get the look of wood without any effort. These doors can be painted, although you do not really need to do that since they look so real. The only maintenance these doors ever require is a little washing when kids, dogs, and adult shoes leave dirt on them. The rest of the time, fiberglass doors never warp, expand, shrink, or split (i.e., all things common to wooden doors). You can even select solid core doors if you are concerned with the heft of the door mimicking solid wood exactly.

Fiberglass doors never need to be replaced. If you also request a fiberglass impact door, there is not a person on this earth that can break that door down. Anyone who would attempt a break-in through your fiberglass impact door would need a missile launcher or a cannon, since impact doors are designed to withstand the forces of hurricanes and tornadoes. You would not get that from most wooden doors, unless you install a four- to six-inch thick solid oak door. A super-thick oak door is probably the only thing that could come close to the same level of protection for your house.