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2 Reasons To Use Copper Tiles For Your Roof

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One of the best options to consider when looking into replacement materials for your roof is copper roofing tiles, mostly because of the fact that they are extremely strong, light, and durable. Listed below are two reasons to consider utilizing copper tiles for your roof.


One of the most important reasons to consider copper tiles for your roof is the fact that they are extremely resilient and can withstand a lot of different damage types that would completely destroy other roofing materials. An example of copper's resilience is that it is resistant to fire, which is a perfect feature if you live in a dry climate where fires are fairly common. In that situation, if the fire were to start up in your neighborhood, the odds of an ember or some kind of spark landing on your roof and being able to ignite your home are going to be much lower if you have a copper roof rather than one of the more traditional roofing materials.

In addition, when you have copper tiles on your roof you do not really have to worry about termites. This is a very big advantage because termites tend to be one of the biggest reasons that people end up having to replace their roof or spend many thousands of dollars to prepare their roof. However, termites don't really have any interest in copper tiles because they are unable to feed on, nest in, or dig through the copper.

Good For The Environment

Another reason to consider using copper tiles for your roof is that they are very good for the environment. One of the reasons for this is that copper can help you make your home more energy efficient because it is a reflective surface that will keep the sunlight from being absorbed by your roof and heating up the rest of your house. As a result, your home is a few degrees cooler than it would be with a more traditional roofing material and you will not have to use fans or your air conditioner as often.

Contact a roofing contractor in your area today in order to discuss if a copper roof is the best fit for your home and budget while also discussing the various benefits that copper may be able to provide. The fact that copper tiles are extremely resilient and good for the environment are just two of the many reasons to consider copper tiles for your home.