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Three Reasons To Consider An Irrigation System For Your Yard

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If you've recently invested in a house and are looking for ways to help keep your lawn thriving, one of the things you should consider is investing in a full-coverage irrigation system. Before you dismiss a system like this as too costly or unnecessary, here's a look at a few reasons why it's worth the initial cost.

Saves Time And Water

Without an irrigation system, you have to spend time watering your lawn and garden by hand with a hose. This is time consuming for you and it's hard to regulate how much water you're getting in the target areas. If you install an irrigation system, you can program it so that it does the watering for you automatically with no further intervention from you.

You can maximize your time spent outside by working in one area of the garden or yard while another area is being watered. And, you'll be able to test the water flow initially so that you can time your irrigation cycles to control how much water your lawn gets. This minimizes runoff and wasted water, saving you money on your monthly expenses.

Preserves The Soil Condition

One common problem with traditional garden hose watering is that it permits a lot of water into the soil. The runoff from that water flow can actually take nutrients out of the soil, drawing them away in the runoff. This strips nutrients that the plants in your yard need to thrive. In addition, when you water soil with a garden hose, the pressure of the water can actually compact soil. Both of these things will make it harder for your plants to thrive. The compacted and nutrient-low soil can result in plants that wither and develop root diseases. When you water with an irrigation system, the water flow is gentle, much like natural rain. And since you can control how much water is used, you also reduce the risk of losing nutrients to excess water.

Minimizes Weed and Disease Problems

When you invest in a full-property irrigation system, you can even have drip irrigation sections installed in areas where you need water to reach directly to the root of a tree or plant. With drip irrigation, you can keep weeds at bay because it minimizes the amount of water that any weed seeds around that plant actually get. When they don't get enough water, they won't germinate. That keeps you from having to spend excess time weeding.

In addition, by choosing low-sitting sprinkler heads or drip irrigation, you'll keep the water directed low and targeted closer to the roots. This prevents excess standing water on the leaves, which will minimize the chances of blight or similar plant diseases. Visit a website like to learn more.