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Repair It or Junk It: How to Decide If Your Oven Is Worth Saving

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Ovens, like refrigerators, are built to last. So, when something does go wrong with your oven, should you call for oven repair service, or junk your oven for a new one? That depends on all of the following. 

How Old Your Oven Is

If your oven has managed to last somewhere between ten and twenty years, it may be time to give it up. Anything close to twenty years for an oven is pretty fantastic, all things considered. Newer ovens are also more energy-efficient, where older ovens tend to use a lot more gas and/or electricity the older they get. Any oven over twenty years should definitely be junked.

The Cost to Repair the Part or Parts

Old ovens are like old cars; sometimes you cannot get the parts anymore, or if you can get the parts, they are really expensive. Since you can buy a newer oven for about $400-$600, any replacement part or parts that costs you around half of what a new oven would cost is an indication that the old oven should probably go. Shop around for a bit after you receive a quote for the repair work and parts on your old oven to see if this an option you want to entertain.

Whether You're Remodeling Your Kitchen

If you are remodeling your kitchen anyway, and your old oven breaks down, consider if this oven fits with your new kitchen decor. If it does not, you may want to consider budgeting a little of your remodeling money to replace the stove rather than fix it. If you are going for a vintage look in your kitchen, and the parts to fix your old stove are fairly cheap, fix it instead.

Whether the Oven Has Special Features

If your home came with an oven that has special features, or you invested in this oven just to have access to special features (e.g., indoor grilling plate, pancake griddle, double oven with separate controls, etc.), you may want to save it. Repairing a unique oven is often worth the cost, since replacing it would usually exceed the total replacement cost of parts. When such an oven adds to the value of your home, and maintaining it means a future return on your investment if and when you sell the home, it is worth repairing it rather than replacing it. Even if a part costs you a couple hundred dollars, these specialty ovens cost significantly more to replace.

For more help deciding whether your oven needs repairs or should just be replaced, talk to services like J & M Appliance.