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Elegant Details That Improve The Appearance Of Asphalt Shingle Roofs

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If you want to have an attractive roof, asphalt shingles give you something that is generally plain. Asphalt shingles are still the most affordable solution for roofing, but they can be improved with accents like metal trim and flashing or decorative details. Here are some of the ways you can add elegant details to an asphalt shingle roof to make it look more attractive:

1. Copper Flashing to Highlight Lines of Roof Designs

The costliest metal roofing to install on your home is copper. Even though you may not want to spend the money for a complete copper roof, there are some options to accent your roof with attractive copper features. Copper can be used as exposed flashing and for ridge caps to highlight the lines of your roof. Over time, these materials will develop an attractive green patina.  

2. Metal Roofing for Smaller Architectural Details

Copper can be an expensive solution for your roof, and even though it can be reused when reroofing, it is likely to be damaged. Another option for an alternative to copper is use metal roofing with special protective finish. These metal roofing materials are made of steel and cost much less than copper. If you want to the of green patina that copper gets when it ages, use a green finish for your metal roofing and architectural details. The metal roofing can be used for small shed roofs, such as over covered porches or bay roofs.

3. Using Different Colors of Materials for Ridge Caps

There are also different materials that can be used for ridge caps. If you want to make the roof of your home look different, solutions like tile caps can look great to accent asphalt shingles and they can be reused. Another option is to use different color materials, such as a light color for the main body of the roof and a darker color for the ridge caps. Avoid using dark colors on the main roof body because this increases heat gain. Use contrasting colors to get the same effect, such as green for the ridge caps and a lighter grey for the main body, which will give you the attractive look without causing heat gain.

These are some of the ways you can add decorative details to an asphalt shingle roof to make it look more attractive. Contact a roofing company and talk with them about some of these options for adding elegant details to your new roof.