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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Location of Your New Room Addition

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If you have decided to expand your home by adding a new room, you may be wondering how to choose the location of the new addition. If so, ask yourself the following three questions to get you started on finding the ideal spot for your new room.

What is the Purpose of the Addition?

Is the room going to be closed off to itself, such as an additional bedroom? Or are you expanding the living room so it includes a partially partitioned off dining area? The answer to this question could dictate the freedom you have when making the decision.

If you are creating an additional bedroom, you may have more choices for its location. However, if you are expanding the living room, you may only have a choice between one or two outside walls. After you make a firm decision on how the addition will be used, ask yourself the next question.

Are There Any Structural Obstacles to Your Desired Location?

Once you can narrow down a couple of possible locations, the next thing to ask is if there are any structural obstacles in your home. There may be some areas that could be difficult to maneuver through or even out of the question.

For example, if you would like your new bedroom on the other side of the kitchen, a lot of work may be required to move the plumbing and gas lines or to rewire the electrical setup for your appliances. The increase in work and expense may exclude this location from your list of possible sites.

What are the Characteristics of the Ground Outside?

After narrowing down your choice of locations based on the interior characteristics of your home, turn your attention towards the features of the ground outside. These could also impact the practicality of where you place the new addition.

For example, if the ground along one side of your home constantly has standing water after a rainstorm, this could create two potential problems if additional measures to provide drainage are not taken. First, the ground's substructure may cave in from the additional weight. Second, the water could damage the new and old foundations if left to pool around the room.

The above three questions can help guide you while choosing where you want your home's new room, though you will always want to discuss the issue with a contractor like Stritar Construction & Tree Service because they can professionally advise you on your preferences.