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3 Important Features To Consider When Shopping For A Frameless Shower Encolsure

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Once enclosed by curtains and liners, the shower is much more of an openly viewable space in the modern bathroom. This change is in part due to the availability of frameless shower enclosures with glass doors. Picking an enclosure for your shower can be a lot of fun because there are so many options. However, it is also easy to make the wrong decision because you are a little too hasty about picking a certain style based on looks alone. Here are three things to consider when choosing a frameless shower enclosure for your bathroom:

Privacy - How private do you prefer your shower experience to be? There are many modern shower enclosures that have completely see-through glass because the bathroom is considered a private space as it is for many homeowners. However, if you are more comfortable with some privacy while in the shower, you should look for frameless enclosures that offer frosted or textured glass doors that do conceal the view into the shower from the outside of it. 

Ease of Cleaning - Are you the type of person who cleans your shower after every use or is this a chore that gets left until you have no other choice? If you clean your shower regularly, you won't have to be so concerned with the ease-of-cleaning of any particular design. However, if cleaning your shower is something you don't do often, you will want enclosure materials that are easy to whip down on occasion and will ward off soap scum accumulation. For example, enclosures with textured glass don't show smudges and water spots as easily, so they will not have to be cleaned quite as often as a solid flat glass enclosure. Plus, some enclosures are treated with an anti-soap scum film feature to prevent buildup. 

Opening Direction - There are many different types of glass shower enclosures designed to fit a shower of just about any size or shape, no matter what it may be. However, one of the key things you should know when you pick a specific model is which direction you want the doors to the shower to open. f you have ample space, an enclosure with double-hung glass doors that both open is nice. But if your bathroom space is small, it may be more logical to go with side-by-side sliding glass doors that can slide to the left or right for access from either direction. 

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