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3 Tips To Deal With Clogged Sewer Lines Causing Household Plumbing Problems

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Sewer lines often cause problems with the plumbing in homes. Some of the problems with clogged lines start inside your home to things like build up from grease, while other problems may be located outside your home due to issues like roots. No matter what the cause of the problem is, you want to solve it before it causes serious issues with your plumbing. Here are some tips to help deal with the problems that clogged sewer lines may cause:

1. Stopped Drains Caused by Grease and Other Contaminates

There is one thing that you want to keep out of your drains; grease. The buildup from oils and fats causes pipes to become stopped up. This is something that may happen slowly, as the buildup on walls of pipes reduces the amount of water that can drain through them. To prevent these problems, dispose of grease and fat from cooking in containers, and then, throw them in the garbage. If your drains have become clogged with grease, you may want to contact a drain cleaning service to help with clearing them of the blockage.

2. Issues with Old Pipe Materials Causing Problems with Drains

In older homes, the problem with stopped drains is often due to old pipe materials. This is because pipes in the past have been made out of cast iron or clay, which can decay, collapse or crack. Usually, the best option to solve the problem of old outdated materials is to completely replace the line that is damaged. In older neighborhoods, this is a common problem, which you may even have if you have a newer home, but the sewer connections are much older.

3. Roots Getting into The Sewer Lines and Causing Blockages

Roots can also get into sewer lines and cause a blockage. The problem with root damage in sewer lines is common in areas with a lot of trees. To prevent this problem, make sure that trees are planted a safe distance from any pipes. Also, you may want to consider installing a root barrier system to protect pipes. If you have clogged pipes due to roots, contact a sewer cleaning service to help remove the roots or replace the line.

These are some tips that can help you deal with the problems that clogged sewer lines can cause. Contact a drain and sewer cleaning service to clear drains and prevent problems with your plumbing.  Contact a company like Rapid Rooter Inc for more information and assistance.