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How To Fix Concrete Sidewalks

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If you are walking on your sidewalk and noticed some cracks, you might be annoyed and think there's nothing you can do to fix them. Usually, small cracks are nothing more then eyesores. They don't really compromise the structural integrity of the concrete slab, but they can look ugly. Furthermore, if you don't take care of these cracks, they're going to grow bigger over time, especially if you are always walking on that piece of concrete. And, if the crack grows big enough, it can become a trip hazard, not to mention the fact that it's going to be even uglier. So, it is very useful to learn how to patch even small concrete cracks.

Use Premixed Patch

Patching cracks is very simple because you can buy ready mix concrete crack filler directly from any home improvement store. This is very convenient because it comes in squeezable and resealable bottles. Basically, you can buy a large bottle and always have it on hand to readily fix cracks in your concrete as they appear. The process is very simple, but you're going to have better luck if you clean your concrete before applying the filler. This is particularly true when it comes to cleaning inside the crack. In fact, you want to try and keep the crack filler off of the top surface of the concrete that you walk on.

It isn't going to be a big deal if a little bit of crack filler gets on top of your concrete, but you should try to avoid it. Some people think that you need to patch concrete by applying the filler all over the top of the concrete, like you do when you patch asphalt. However, you really just want to get the crack filling inside the actual crack. You just pour it into the crack until it reaches the top of the concrete. It is probably going to settle after a minute or so, and you will need to squeeze some more filler not the crack to top it off. Once it is leveled off, you can use a putty knife, or similar scraper, to scrape away any extra crack filler before it dries.

The Importance of Filling Your Cracks

This process is not only going to fill the crack, is also going to help prevent the crack from growing bigger. Since there won't be any edges that your shoes can catch, your crack won't chip and get bigger over time.