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Using Portable Toilets For A Large Outdoor Event

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Portable toilets can be essential whenever events are being hosted in fairly isolated areas or locations that lack public restrooms. When considering this part of your planning, being prepared and informed about portable toilet rentals can reduce the risk of making mistakes that could compromise the experience of those attending the event.

What Should You Consider When Scouting Locations For The Portable Toilets?

Placement of your portable toilets will be a key consideration. In addition to ensuring that guests will be able to reach the toilets with minimal difficulty, they will also need to be positioned far enough away so as to avoid interfering with those enjoying the event. For those that have minimal space for their event, it can be possible to erect a temporary wall in front of the portable toilets. This will keep them out of sight without making them more difficult to access. Additionally, the area around the toilets should be blocked off from vehicles as a collision between a vehicle and a portable toilet could lead to sizable injuries and damages.

Is It Possible To Opt For Air Conditioned Portable Toilets?

The spring and summer months can be common for large outdoor events to be held. However, this can be among the hottest times of the year. Not surprisingly, portable toilets can be prone to quickly becoming extremely warm. This can make it more difficult to control the odor from the devices while also making them much less pleasant to use. When you will be hosting an event when it is hot outside, it can be worth the added cost to invest in air-conditioned portable toilets as they will avoid many of these heat-related problems.

What Should You Do If The Toilet Gets Tipped Over?

When the portable toilets are installed, they will be securely anchored to the ground to prevent them from being at risk of tipping over. However, there can be instances where accidents occur. For example, a vehicle may collide with the toilets and cause them to tip over. When this occurs, the area around the toilet should be cleared. Furthermore, the provider of the toilet should be notified immediately. These services will have the equipment needed to safely remove the tipped over toilet and to sanitize the area where waste may have spilled. While it is unlikely that this will happen, it can be beneficial to have a plan for if it occurs during your event.

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