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3 Reasons To Use Concrete Forms

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When you are getting your foundation poured for your new house, you may notice that the contractors are using some forms in order to pour the concrete. There are several reasons that they might do this.


Forms are basically molds that concrete can be poured into. The contractor places the forms where the foundation and walls are going to go, and then once they are placed, the concrete can be poured and left to dry and cure. When that has finished, the contractors can then pull the forms away and you will be left with a nice foundation and walls. There are a lot of benefits to using forms. 

Ease of Use

One reason that contractors use the forms in order to pour foundations and such is that it is easy for them to do. Placing the forms means that they don't have to worry about spillover. Nor do they have to worry about making sure that everything is the perfect shape and size; all the contractor has to do is put the form down and get to work. 

Odd Shapes

Pouring the concrete into odd shapes can be very difficult, but having a form can make it much easier. The nice thing about concrete forms is that the contractor can make their own forms if they need to so that they can get the shape that you are looking for. For example, if you want them to pour a heart-shaped patio, that could be difficult to pour by eye, but the contractor could take some pre-made molds and some custom made molds to give you the heart that you are looking for. 


Pouring a concrete wall isn't something that can be done very easily. The concrete will tend to just run all over the place without something to support it while it is being poured and curing. That's where forms matter. Not only can the forms hold while the walls are being poured, they can also allow people to work on the concrete walls as necessary, like to put in more rebar to connect the next section of wall to the one that was just poured. The forms can stay on the wall as everything is drying and curing, to make sure that there is enough support for everything. 

When you are getting your foundation poured, you want to make sure that your contractor can do their job quickly and easily. Foundation forms can help with that.