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Why Grease Is Your Plumbing System's Enemy

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There are so many things that you don't want to put down your plumbing system because they can lead to clogs, damage to your septic tank or sewer lines, and cause other problems for you. However, one of the biggest problems when it comes to causing plumbing issues is grease. However, there are still many people who choose to put grease right down their drains. Some people do this because they think if they pour it slowly enough and run water at the same time, then it won't hurt. Other people choose to run the water on very hot and then pour down the grease thinking the hot water is going to help keep it in liquid form until it makes its way out of the system. Both these things are incorrect, and you can learn more about grease and why you should never allow it into your plumbing system by reading this.

How grease harms the plumbing in your home

If you leave hot grease sitting in a pan off the fire, then you will see it doesn't take very long for the grease to harden. Once it hardens, it becomes a thick, gooey, whitish substance. You can speed up the hardening process by putting the pan in cool water. Once the pan cools, the grease will harden faster. This shows you why running water down the drain doesn't work. Even when you use hot water, the water will cool quickly as it goes down the pipes and the grease will cool right along with it. Plus, grease will float on top of the water instead of mixing in with it.

When the grease floats on top of the water you put down the drain with it, the grease will cling to the sides of the plumbing. The grease can stick in thin layers at first. However, the more it cools as it makes its way through the pipes, the thicker it will be when it clings to the sides of the pipes. Once the grease has stuck in place on the pipes, it will act like glue to anything else that tries to go past it. The more things that stick, the narrower the pipes become until you need a plumber to locate and take care of.

How grease causes problems with septic systems and sewer lines

When you have a home on septic and you put grease in the pipes, some of the grease can make its way into the septic tank. Once in the tank, the chemical balance will be thrown off and the septic system can also end up with clogs. This can mean backups in your home that leave you with bad odors and drains that have serious issues. The only way to correct these issues at this point will be getting a plumber out.

How grease can give you odor issues

When you have even small amounts of grease in the pipes, it will still be enough for food and other debris to stick. When these things set in the pipes they will start to stink. It won't take too long for that horrible odor to start coming into your home. You can grind up all the lemons you want in your garbage disposal, but the only thing to get rid of the odor at this point will be a plumber.