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Everything You Need to Know About Repairing Your Swimming Pool Yourself

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Swimming pools aren't a necessity as a homeowner, but they sure do make owning a home much more fun. It isn't always just fun though, someone has to clean and maintain that swimming pool and make necessary repairs when needed. If you've never owned a swimming pool, you may not know how to make any of the repairs. Read on for a few repair tips to guide you.

Hole in the Liner

If you have a hole in your liner, it doesn't have to be the end of the world. That hole can be repaired with a piece of vinyl from a liner repair kit. You can find such a kit at your local pool supply store. Drain the water so it's below the hole, then dry the liner as much as possible. Cut the vinyl patch to about an inch or two larger than the hole itself.  Use the adhesive that came in the kit and apply it around the hole. Apply the vinyl patch to the hole and smooth it completely. If the hole is well below the water line, look for a patch kit you can use in the water.

Filter Not Cleaning the Water

The filter in your pool should be cleaning your water. It should be skimming the bugs off of the top of the water and filtering the water through its system, then return clean water to your pool. If the water isn't being skimmed properly, or the water isn't clear, it may be a filter issue. First, check the skimmer basket to see if it's full. Empty the skimmer basket and be sure you are checking and emptying it every day. It can fill up with bugs quickly, and then water won't be able to get through all of the bugs to filter properly. Also, check the waterline. If you don't have enough water in the pool, it isn't going to get into the skimmer and won't get to the filter either.

Another filter issue is that the sand is too dirty. The sand inside your filter should be changed with each new pool season. Empty the sand completely, spray it clean and then use brand new filter sand inside. Don't try to use any other type of sand - only filter sand should be used.

Pump Not Running

If your pump isn't running, it isn't going to be able to get water to the filter. Be sure that it is turned on and that you have power. Check the plug and the outlet as well. If it has power, check the inner filter isn't full of bugs or other debris. Open the lid to the pump and remove any of the debris inside. If this wasn't the problem, check for any leaks in the hoses attached to the pump. Be sure you have enough water in your pool as well. The water should be up to at least halfway up the skimmer opening. If too much air is sucked into the pump, it won't work properly. Remove the air and fill up your pool, then turn the pump back on to see if that repaired the problem.

Your swimming pool is a nice addition to your home, but it isn't always going to be just about the fun. You will need to make repairs from time to time. Call a swimming pool repair service for help if you aren't able to make the repairs yourself