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Remodeling Your Kitchen And Want Wood Flooring? 2 Wood-Look Floor Tile Options Available

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If you are remodeling your kitchen and want wood flooring, know that wood can be very expensive. To help with this there are floor tiles that mimic the look of wood. Below are two types of these floor tiles so you can get your new flooring installed in your home. 

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain tiles that look like wood is one option you have. These tiles are more durable than wood as they are made of porcelain. Porcelain tiles are cold, however, so plan on laying down some rugs in different areas of your kitchen or wear shoes while in the kitchen. A cold floor can also affect the coldness you feel in the kitchen. This will not be a problem, however, unless you have a very large kitchen. 

Porcelain wood-look tiles are not only beautiful, but they are also durable and resistant to moisture. They hold up well in high traffic areas, and you clean wood-look porcelain tiles with a traditional floor cleaner. A damp mop works well unless the floor is very dirty. You could not do this with wood flooring, as wood does not hold up well to moisture. 

You can choose from a variety of wood looks when it comes to color and wood grains that you like. You can look at wood flooring to get an idea of the look of wood that you would like. 

Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles

Another option you have is luxury vinyl floor tiles. These also look like real wood and are available in a variety of wood look patterns. These tiles also have a protective, clear layer over them to protect the tiles. 

Luxury vinyl floor tiles also offer many benefits. For example, these floor tiles absorb noise well, which can be especially helpful if you have a lot of loud kids in your home. The floor also feels comfortable to walk on. The clear layer over the tiles makes the vinyl much more durable. 

Luxury vinyl floor tiles are cleaned just like regular vinyl tiles. You can use a mop with some mild soap, or just use a damp mop over your flooring to keep it clean.  Luxury vinyl floor tiles are also not expensive, especially when compared to the cost of wood. 

Talk to the salesperson where you purchase your floor tiles for much more information about the types above, as well as other options available for you. 

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