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Having A Septic Tank Pumped For The First Time? Know What You Should Expect

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Does your home have a septic tank installed, and does it finally need to be pumped? If so, you may not have any expectations about what will happen when you have a septic tank service company come out to your home. Here is what you can expect on your very first visit. 

Determine Your Needs

When the contractor arrives at your home, the first thing you'll need to discuss is the reason that you have hired them. Are they only supposed to perform a routine pumping, or are there other problems with the septic tank that should be looked at? Now is the time to let them know of any ongoing problems that may be related to your septic tank.

Locate The Septic Tank

If you know where your septic tank is buried, then locating the tank will be easy. However, homeowners that inherited a septic tank may have trouble locating it if it has never been pumped before. The contractor will use a prodding tool to stick into the soil to find where the tank is buried. They'll keep prodding the soil to determine exactly where the tank is located, which should give a clear indication of where the opening should be. This will limit the amount of soil that needs to be removed to reach the opening. A good septic tank service contractor would take their time removing the grass so that it can be placed back into the ground when they are finished. 

Some septic tank systems utilize two septic tanks. Unfortunately, this means that both tanks need to be pumped. You can't pump one tank and have it drain the other. In this situation, both tanks will need to have their openings located to remove the waste. 

Waste Removal and Inspection

A long hose will be connected to the contractor's truck and put into the service hatch. Their goal will be to remove call solid waste and sludge in the tank. They will also perform an inspection before they leave to make sure that it is working correctly. The septic tank contractor will reattach the lid and place the dirt and sod back onto the tank.. 

Keeping a septic tank working is very important, so be sure to ask your septic tank service contractor about what the approximate pumping schedule would be for your home. This is based on the size of the tank and how many people live in your home. 

To learn more about septic tank pumping services, contact a septic tank professional in your area.