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A Bad Igniter Can Keep Your Gas Oven From Working

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Although gas ovens are durable and can prepare many meals without giving you trouble, it's possible for an oven not to ignite when you turn it on. There are a few reasons for this, but a common one is a bad igniter in the oven. Here's a look at this problem and how an appliance repair technician can fix it. 

What A Gas Igniter Does In Your Oven

When you turn your oven on, the igniter opens a valve to release gas and ignites the gas so the oven works. When the oven doesn't ignite, the problem could be with the gas supply rather than parts in the oven.

To check for this, turn on the burners. If the burners ignite, you know the gas supply is working to the appliance and the problem is in the oven, and the ignition system is a likely culprit.

What Can Cause The Ignition To Malfunction

Your oven may show an error code that lets you know exactly what's wrong. An appliance repair technician can check the error codes and troubleshoot the oven to pinpoint the problem. The igniter itself could be bad, or a different part could be bad and not allowing the igniter to work.

Some parts the technician may check are the temperature sensor, control board, and safety valve. If any of these are bad, the igniter can't do its job. The problem might also be with loose wiring since the igniter is an electronic part that relies on electricity to work.

It's also possible the ignition area is dirty or clogged with food bits, and if so, the igniter might start working once it's cleaned out. If it turns out the igniter is bad, it will need to be replaced.

How An Oven Igniter Is Replaced

The appliance repair technician unplugs the oven and pulls the racks out. Then, the technician removes the plate cover so the igniter can be pulled out and examined. The igniter is connected to the wiring, so it is disconnected and the new igniter is put in with the same wiring arrangement and placement. Then the power is reconnected and your oven is tested for proper performance.

The igniter is an essential part of a gas oven, so when it goes bad, it has to be replaced. Just because your oven doesn't ignite, it doesn't necessarily mean the igniter has to be replaced, but repairs of some sort are needed so your oven starts working again and operates safely.