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Getting Your Property Ready To Break Ground And Begin Construction

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If you are going to be building on undeveloped property, there is a lot of work to get it ready. The site development has to be done to begin construction. You may need utility services and much more for your property. The excavation work also needs to begin to prepare the site. The following site development guide will help you break ground on your next project:

Surveying to Prepare for Development

Before anything can be done with the site development, it needs to be surveyed. The surveying should include the elevations, utility services, and property lines. You will also want to have topographical drawings made of the existing land and changes that you are planning. This will be the beginning of your construction site preparations.

Evaluating Existing Utility Services

Your project is going to need utility services. Sometimes, there may already be existing utilities, or you may have to install them for your project. Things to consider when evaluating the utility services that are needed include:

  • Locating existing services to the property
  • Installing temporary utilities for construction
  • Adding services that are not currently available
  • Finishing the project with permanent utility services

The utility services are an important step in construction site preparations. The different utility services are needed for construction and for the completed project. Talk with your site preparation service about installing the temporary services you need to get work done.

Testing Soils For Stability Issues

The stability of soils is another issue that you may have to deal with. Today, there are methods that can be used to stabilize soil before building begins. Soil tests need to be done to determine the stabilization techniques that will be most effective. Some of the soil stabilization methods that are used for site preparations include:

  • Soil grouting techniques
  • Soil cementing to provide stability
  • Using erosion control

These are soil stabilization methods that are used to provide stability for construction. These solutions may need to be combined with hardscaping and erosion control solutions in landscaping designs.  

Beginning the Site Excavations

When the site excavations begin, you want to begin with access to the site as it is important for equipment and vehicles to have easy access to it. A construction site preparation service can also help with the installation of temporary storage areas for parking, equipment, and other essential services.

The right preparations will help you get started with your project to begin construction. Contact a company, such as Sita Enterprises, for more information.