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2 Common Fixes For Uneven Heating In Two-Story Homes

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Do you have problems achieving a comfortable temperature on both floors of your home? If so, this might be happening because your home has only one thermostat. With a boiler, your house is heated with hot water that circulates through the radiators and pipes in the walls. If you are having problems controlling the temperature on both floors, here are two common ways to solve this problem. Close the Radiators Read More»

Household Mold Removal: A Few Guidelines For Correctly Doing The Job Yourself

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Household mold is capable of causing tremendous harm to homes, and it is costly to repair the damage; the average bill for residential mold remediation in the United States is around four thousand dollars. Costs can go much higher as the damage grows. To make things worse, many homeowners insurance policies often don’t pay the full cost. In fact, some policies may not pay anything at all. The good news is you may be able to perform mold removal yourself. Read More»

Three Things That Are Costing You Money On Your Utilities

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Every house has it’s inefficiencies, but you can do a lot to make sure that yours is running as cost-effectively as possible. There are some ways you can save on your heating and cooling bill, along with your gas and electricity usage. The following are common problems or mistakes that homeowners have that may actually be costing them a lot of money in wasted energy. 1. Keeping Your Doors Closed. Read More»

Replacing Your Air Conditioner? 2 Features You Should Look For

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Are you in the market for a new air conditioner? Before you take a trip to the appliance store to look for the cheapest model, you should consider the fact that new technology has made air conditioners better than ever. Here are two features you should look for in a new system, and how they might improve your day: 1: DC Inverter Technology Don’t you hate being startled by the sudden buzz of your air conditioner clicking on? Read More»