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How Should Commercial Roof Drains Be Cleaned And Maintained?

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Many commercial roofs are built nearly flat so that they blend in with the rest of the surroundings and make the most efficient use of materials for less expensive construction. Since the roof only has a very minor slope, it’s essential that the drains and gutters carrying water away from the surface are working properly. Without working drains, the nearly flat roof will hold water like a pond and quickly develop serious damage. Read More»

3 Roofing Maintenance Tasks For The Start Of Spring

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Winter is obviously the harshest season of the year, and it’s also the season that can do the most damage to your house. If you are about to head into the warmer months of spring, you have arrived at the perfect time to take a long look at what Mother Nature has done to your humble abode in the preceding months. Specifically, it’s a great time to survey your roof and fix or repair any damage that you find. Read More»